Intelligent information system for monitoring and verification of energy management in cities

Acronym: ISEMIC
Project ID: ERA 163
Funding including national funding and EC funding:
Total costs: 221,050 € SEE-ERA.NET PLUS funding: 123,217 €
Project duration: 01.10.2010 / 30.09.2012

Improving the efficiency of energy consumption (EC) is a central theme of any energy policy. Improved energy efficiency (EE) meets three energy policy goals: security of supply, competitiveness and protection of the environment. Systematic energy management is a body of knowledge and skills based on an organizational structure that links people with assigned responsibilities, efficiency monitoring procedures and continuous measurement and improvement of EE. This body of knowledge must be supported by appropriate ICT for gathering, processing and disseminating data on EC, EE targets and information. Intelligent Information System for Monitoring and Verification of Energy Management in Cities (ISEMIC) will be a software tool that connects processes of gathering data on buildings and their EC, monitoring consumption indicators, setting EE targets and reporting EC savings. This project has a goal of developing a software system for utilizing EC measurements, both from smart meters and traditional measurement devices and subsequent data processing and analysis to facilitate, upgrade and eventually replace the currently used energy management system for public buildings in Croatia. ISEMIC will enable use of smart meters within an energy management for the first time in the region, along with an analytical part which will enable intelligent estimation of EC based on multiple criteria. ISEMIC will enable: (1) Continuous updating and maintenance of a database of information on buildings (2) Continuous entry and monitoring of consumption data for all types of energy and water in buildings; (3) Calculation of consumption indicators by user-selected independent variables entered in the database data and via preset parameters; (4) Monitoring and target setting for energy expenses and energy savings for building and groups of buildings; (5) Report creation according to user preferences or templates. The tool can be applied in all countries where project partners come from.

Partners involved:

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
FER / Department of Power Systems
Unska 3
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Prof. Zeljko Tomsic

Mechanical Engineering Fac
Department of Energy
Vilsonovo šetalište 9
71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Energy Efficiency Project in Croatia
United Nations Development Program Croatia - Energy Efficiency Project
Bednjanska 14
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Dr. Zoran Morvaj

Faculty of Technical Science
Faculty of Technical Sciences / Provincial Energy Efficiency Centre Novi Sad (PEEC)
Trg Dositeja Obradovica 6
21125 Novi Sad, Serbia
Prof. Jovan Petrovic

Jozef Stefan Institute
Jozef Stefan Institute / Energy Efficiency Centre
Jamova cesta 39
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Mr. Boris Sucic