Diversity of invading Phytophthora spp. plant pathogens in agro and forest ecosystems in Southeast Europe

Acronym: PHYSEE
Project ID: ERA 138
Funding including national funding and EC funding:
Total costs: 161,320 SEE-ERA.NET PLUS funding: 131,621
Project duration: 01.10.2010 / 30.09.2012

Plant pathogens of the genus Phytophthora cause devastating diseases and enormous economic damage to numerous crops, ornamental plants and forest trees. These, emphasized by rapid climatic changes and human trading activities, pose a great threat for devastation of European forest eco- and agro-systems. The main objective of this project is to increase knowledge of the current state of distribution and diversity of Phytophthora species in the Balkan region, especially in the five countries involved in the consortium. The project objectives will be achieved by two key research activities: 1) Detection and identification of collected Phytophthora isolates by combining classical and molecular methods, incl. rapid diagnostic techniques; 2) Assessing distribution and investigating the bioecology of Phytophthora spp. within partner countries, focusing on studying potentially invasive species of the genus Phytophthora. The organization of the project includes events as meetings, workshops, joint international field trips and short term scientific visits. The project will provide a platform for enhanced collaboration between the Southeast European research communities focusing on Phytophthora problems on plants. A practical objective is establishment of a system for continued assessment of Phytophthora related diseases in five countries and development of methodology for practical use of rapid detection technology as a base of sustainable, ecologically acceptable management measures for limitation of the spread of Phytophthora infections. Experience and knowledge gained during the proposed project, as well as generated and summarized data of all involved partners will allow further collaboration and participation in larger mutual research projects.

Partners involved:

AgroBioInstitute / Biotic Stress Group
8 Dragan Tsankov Blvd.
1164 Sofia, Bulgaria
Dr. Slavtcho Slavov sbslavov@abi.bg

University Sv. Kiril i Metodij, Skopje / Faculty of Forestry
Sumarski fakultet, bul. A. Makedonski
1000 Skopje, FYR of Macedonia
Prof. Kiril Sotirovski kirilsotirovski@yahoo.com

University of Belgrade / Department of Forestry
1, Kneza Viseslava
11030 Belgrade, Serbia
Dr. Nenad Keca nenad.keca@sfb.rs

University of Oradea, Faculty of Environmental Protection / Forestry Department
26, General Magheru
410048 Oradea, Romania
Dr. Ecaterina Fodor ecaterina_fodor@yahoo.com

NAGREF, Forest Research Institute / Laboratory of Forest Pathology & Mycology
22nd km Thessaloniki-Polygyros, Vassilika
485619 Thessaloniki, Greece
Dr. Stephanos Diamandis diamandi@FRI.gr