Characterisation and tracking the origin of specific features of traditional cheeses in Western Balkans Region

Characterisation and tracking the origin of specific features of traditional cheeses in Western Balkans Region
Acronym: RegTraC
Project ID: ERA 133
Funding including national funding and EC funding:
Total costs: 227,120 SEE-ERA.NET PLUS funding: 124,067
Project duration: 01.10.2010 / 30.09.2012

There is a mutually recognised rich tradition of ewe cheese production in Western Balkans. However, research, protection and promotion of these cheeses is not coordinated neither on national nor on regional level The project aims to bring together the research teams from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia in developing a scientifically based system for the characterization of traditional cheeses from Western Balkans and apply it for the characterization of selected traditional ewe cheeses from the participating countries. The system will involve standardization of the current practices and parameters of the technological processes of production of traditional ewe cheeses in the region, as well as characterization of their physico-chemical and sensory properties, definition of dominant LAB communities involved in ripening processes and chromatographic fingerprinting. The data on cheese profiles developed through this system will be presented in the first Regional Atlas of traditional ewe cheeses from Western Balkans and Slovenia. The data in the Atlas will enable the producers to protect their products on the level of European Union through the system of Protected Designation of Origin. Furthermore, methodology will be developed for monitoring and analysing the changes during the ripening process, based on the analysis of peptide/free amino-acid chromatographic profile evolution, changes in sensory properties and monitoring the profiles of organic acids during cheese ripening. Finally, RegTraC will aim to re-establish the exchange of knowledge among Dairy Research Institutions across the region enabling scientific exchange of young researchers.

Partners involved:

Dairy Science Department
25 Svetosimunska Cesta
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Prof. Jasmina Havranek

Food Technology Department
8 Zmaja od Bosne
71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegowina
Dr. Zlatan Saric

Department for Chemistry and Biochemistry
6 Pierottijeva
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Dr. Damir Ivekovic

Department for Animal Science
8 Trg Dositeja Obradovica
21000 Novi Sad, Serbia
Prof. Anka Popovic Vranjes

Biotechnological Faculty
101 Jamnikarjeva
1000 Ljubljana, Slowenia
Prof. Irena Rogelj